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Antique Victorian Hair Work Pocket Watch Rose Gold Filled GF Enamel Fob with Locket

In the early 1800s hair began to be used for the actual making of jewellery. The watch chain was the most popular piece as a lady could be ensured she was in “his” thoughts many times a day, a very romantic notion! Hair work jewellery was at the height of its popularity in the 1850s when Victorian women wore jewellery as both a decoration & an outward expression of their innermost feelings. For years it was popular to own a lock of a loved one’s hair, usually in a compartment at the back of a brooch, locket, ring, or even watch fob. Hair work was just as popular as crocheting at the time. They would produce these pieces in their drawing rooms then send it to the jeweller for fittings to be attached.  Hair work jewellery took the form of brooches, bracelets, necklaces & chains and there were many different weaves used. The history of this style of jewellery is just amazing and it’s for this reason it is so collectible!

This is a superb period piece which remains intact featuring hexaginally capped fittings with a chased design including swivel clasp, toggle or t-bar and fitting from which a fabulous Enamel locket is attached. The locket features an engraved floral, foliate & geometrical design magnificently accented with black enamel, the technique of which is referred to as t’aille d’epargne or black enamel tracery. It is an enamel technique whereby an etched design is filled with powdered enamel then fired in a kiln.

The back features a horse’s head set upon a stippled and patterned background. Inside contains ALL the original contents – frames, backing papers and Glass covers.

Colour:                         Soft rose gold hued fittings and locket

Construction:               Fittings are 10 carat Gold Filled or God Shell - unstamped (tested)

Sizing:                          length - 35cm end-to-end, locket 2.5cm by 1.77cm, weight – 22.6 grams

Condition:                    Better-than-Excellent and one of the BEST I have seen! No breaks, fraying, repairs or damage of any type to the actual hair work. The locket and fittings have very little wear. For the most fastidious collector!

Value Points:                Complete and near Immaculate condition! Rare in this state!

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